Baczynski, 2013

Posted on 03. Oct, 2013 by in Film Archive 2013

FREE Screening: Saturday, Nov. 2 at 1:30 pm

Mixing feature and documentary, the director makes a film about one of the most famous Polish poets of the XXth century and Home Army soldier Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński. Baczyński is known as the most famous representative of The Generation of Columbuses. The young people from this generation were born into a free Poland (which had regained independence in 1918) and had their adolescence interrupted by the outbreak of the Second World War. He published his first poem in 1936, at the age of 15. After 1939, his artistic vision expressed the tragedy of the individual. An active member of the Home Army, Baczyński became the most known  poet of fighting Warsaw.

Baczyński, the film blends a video-clip style, with ‘talking heads’ characteristic of documentaries, stages scenes, stylised war-time images and black and white photographs from the album Generations.

Director: Kordian Piwowarski

Cast: Mateusz Kościuszkiewicz, Katarzyna Zawadzka, Ewa Telega

Time: 70 minutes